Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy Nepali New Year 2071 greetings, wallpapers and timeline covers

Thursday, January 16, 2014

My interview published on ECS Nepal Magazine, January 2014 issue

"So unlike Buffalos" 

Text by: Bijaya Adhikari
Ananda K. Maharjan is probably the only Nepali professional type design artist creating Devanagari fonts for day-to-day use. How is that culturally relevant? Read to know more.
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on ECS Nepal Magazine, January 2014 issue, page 30-31

Thursday, January 2, 2014

My interview on Republica Daily, Nepal about "Graphic Design as Career in Nepal"

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Sketch your career  


Another such profession in need of eye for minute details and creativity is graphic designing. Ananda Maharjan, a graphic designer, has designed many film posters in the last couple of years. He started designing the posters for films first when he won poster design competition for the film ‘Chhadke.’ Since then, he claims that he’s been very busy with the job. He also designed posters for films like ‘Manjari’, ‘Saanghuro’, ‘Nepathya’ and is working on upcoming films like ‘Jholey’, ‘Raghav’, ‘Tulke’, ‘Aawaran’ and ‘Junge’.

He says that his work has a lot of scope, but comes with its own baggage. “There is only one graphic designing college in Nepal, Wigan & Leigh College Nepal, and it is very expensive. Hence, self learning and practice is a must.” Although hard work and effort is always rewarded, he says that it’s the person’s ability to cope up with the challenges that he finds very helpful.

“Different clients want different things; they have their own project and ideas that we designers have to accommodate. The design trend is changing; now we have clean flat design trends worldwide, but the same design trend won’t work in our context. Designers should keep updates about the latest graphic tools. In Nepal, designers are still using outdated software, they resist change.

“On top of that, the load shedding starts a different story of struggle. We have to be careful about people using our designs without giving any credits, too,” he concurs. On a positive note, he adds that designing has a lot of scope in publishing houses, advertising, web designs, film industry, online outsourcing, freelancing, etc.

FULL article on Republica:

Thursday, December 26, 2013

PasaRocks Font

PasaRocks is Devanagari inspired, Sanskrit style font.

Available at: Hellofont:

Designed by: Ananada K. Maharjan
December, 2013

on behance:

Monday, November 18, 2013

नेपाल बन्दै छ । Nepal bandai chha.

नेपाल बन्दै छ । Nepal bandai chha.

A message of peace, progress and the resilience of the Nepali spirit. Made independently by Amuse Communications & Kathaharu. Not affiliated with anyone or any organization.

Concept: Suyog Shrestha
Primary Script: Rishi Amatya
Direction/Camera/Editing: Shashank Shrestha
Music : Night

"... उत्साही युवाहरु नयाँ सोचका साथ अगाडि बढिरहेका छन्
नेपाल बन्दै छ ।" - Ananda K. Maharjan, Graphic/Type Designer

"... हामी सबै नेपालीको योगदानले पक्कै पनि
नेपाल बन्दै छ ।" - Sunita Dangol, Radio Presenter

"सडकमा खाडल छन्
मन मस्तिष्कमा खाडल छन्
युद्धका घाउहरु अझै चहराइहेका छन
मलम पट्टीको अभाव छ...

....तैपनि पर कतै क्षितिजमा 
सुचेतनाको एउटा सानो टुकी
पिलपिल बल्दैछ

नेपाल बन्दै छ ।"


...Young entrepreneurship र social initiatives हरु बढ्ने कारणले गर्दा hopefully 
नेपाल बन्दै छ । - Bidhan Rajbhandari, Advertising Professional

"... धेरै गर्न सकिन्छ,
नेपाल बन्दै छ ।" - Bigyan Prajapati, Illustrator, Baucha o Maicha

"... Today there are more Nepali youths who care,
नेपाल बन्दै छ ।" - Yukta Bajracharya, Journalist / Writer

 "....बन्दको विरुद्धमा धेरैजना लागि परिरहेका छन्, 
त्यही भएर अब नेपाल बन्दै छ ।" - Niraj Shakya, Musician

"... हामी सबै नेपालीको योगदानले पक्कै पनि
नेपाल बन्दै छ ।" - Suv Pradhan, Journalist / Writer

Sunday, November 3, 2013

BauchaoMaicha Font Free


Fonts: BauchaoMaicha (Regular and Round)
Design by: Ananda K. Maharjan 

Official fonts of Bauchaomaicha Characters:
Art / illustrations by: Bigyan Prajapati
BauchaoMaicha website:


"Bauchaomaicha" is Devanagari and Ranjana lipi inspired Modular font.

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license

Dated Released: 3 November 2013,
Laxmi Puja, Tihar

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Tihar 2013 - Shubha Deepawali 2070


Font: Ananda Devanagari NP (coming soon)
Happy Tihar 2013
Shubha Deepawali 2070
Nhoodaya Bhintuna 1134
more wallpapers on:
BauchaoMaicha illustration by: Bigyan Prajapati